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Welcome to New Bridge Cambodia and the School of Joy! New Bridge Cambodia is an NGO located in Siem Reap Province, dedicated to improving the lives of those most in need. The New Bridge organization improves the lives of many people by providing education, health programs, doing community outreach and much more!

The main activity of New Bridge is providing education via two schools in Siem Reap, the School of Joy and the Home of Love school.The schools are committed to teaching English & key life skills. Equipped with better English, it provides the springboard to help our Cambodian children to break out from the poverty trap and to secure a better potential job / career future. For more info on our Education Program click here.

Concerned with both IQ and EQ, we provide an emotional climate aided by teacher-student rapport, feeding program, art & drawing, recreation & sport, traditional dancing, healthcare — all of which hope to improve the intellectual, physical & emotional health of these impoverished children. Eventually, we seek to GIVE JOY to our children & their families. Our mission, therefore, is:

"To provide children with a first stepping stone on the road to success"

Our mission is to reduce the childrens' vulnerability to poverty through developing them via education, so that later in life they:

    -> Can secure sound careers
    -> Are developed and morally righteous people
    -> To create generations of spirited & joyful people

 SIMPLY, to equip them for future opportunities!

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